Karma Cafe

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  • The identity bundle for Karma cafe was created as an exercise. The logo identifies a restaurant which specializes in East Indian cuisine. The scriptive lower case 'F' in the word 'Cafe' conformed nicely to the shape of an infinity symbol. This represents karma and it's philosophy of what goes around comes back around. The colors being used reflect the spice and flavour of Indian cuisine.

  • Karma Cafe is a high end restaurant, so these business cards were designed with that in mind. The back of the card displays the logo embossed in gold foil for the added sense of quality and value.

  • A letterhead was designed as part of the bundle along with some other items that aren't displayed such as envelopes and tent cards.

  • This image shows how the restaurants menu holders would look. The brown leather material suits the branding very well and matches nicely against the gold embossing.

  • This chef jacket mock-up is just another way to present the uses of the logo. The embroidered stitch effect was created in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

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