Caribbean Twist

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  • The Caribbean Twist is the kind of place where the food speaks for itself. So if you haven't tried it, let me tell you that it is absolutely fantastic! The goal for this design was to create a clean and professional looking logo that reflected the Caribbean. This was achieved by using a spiral sun that expresses a classic reggae feel, and by incorporating the colors of the Jamaican flag.

  • The Caribbean Twist is more than just a simple take-out place. Besides delivery, they do catering as well. Therefore to promote this service, a card was designed for times when a hand out which has a little more class than a take-out menu is required, especially while rubbing elbows with a more professional crowd.

  • A touch of red is used for the menu headings to add a bit of contrast from all of the blues, yellows and greens. This blends nicely in the form of type.

  • This shirt design expresses the mindset of those who love the food being served at Caribbean Twist.

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