Canada Day Celebration

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  • Most event flyers these days use templates which are pre-designed to allow for someone who may not have a lot of experience, or skill, to edit the information and tailor it to their own event. Rest assured this is not the case with Marvelous Design. Time is spent on each and every design to ensure quality and originality.

  • This design is based on the highly popular collage style. It makes use of blending and cropping, with a bit of retouching to bring all of the elements together. The female subject being used here has a very casual appearance as opposed to most flyers which use erotic models. We believe in keeping it modest and professional so that our work can appeal to any audience.

  • Designing flyers can often be a challenge when it comes to laying out the type. There are an unlimited amount of ways that information can be presented, and here is where you really get to be creative!

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