American History

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  • This portrait was drawn a few years back right around the time of President Obama's first election. It depicts the three most iconic figures in American Black History. From top to bottom we have President Barak Obama, Malcolm X and Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

  • There's no denying that Dr Martin Luther King Jr played a pivotal role in the civil rights movement, which is why he is depicted along the bottom of the drawing to represent the foundation while Obama in his presidency represents the pinnacle.

  • Each figure was supposed to be in the middle of a speech, but this was my favorite reference of Malcolm X, which is the reason why he has a different expression than the others.

  • Looking back on this piece it's clear that more time could have been spent to perfect the likeness of President Barak Obama's face. But overall the drawing came out nicely

  • The drawing was done using graphite on 14" x 17" white sketching paper.

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